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Dr. Raymond Beach has been in the chiropractic profession for over 22 years and his passion for his patients to reach their goals in relation to health and physical performance has been ever increasing. As a young teenager he watched his oldest sister bed ridden and in severe pain after having a tumor removed from her low back. The medical team recommended that she get used to a being in a wheel chair and to not counting on ever being able to have any children. With no hope in sight she took up a recommendation to see a chiropractor. In a few weeks she was up and about with no pain. She later married and proceeded to have four amazing children and never needed that wheel chair. Years later Dr. Beach experienced an injury himself, immediately sought out chiropractic care, and with his own incredible experience he jumped on board to become a chiropractor to help others.
In his years in the profession, Dr. Beach has found that a well-rounded approach works best. He believes strongly that the power that made the body, heals the body. In other words, God made this wonderful and amazing human body that will heal itself when interference is removed from it, proper fuel is put into it, and when it is strengthened appropriately! This is a winning combination.

Dynamic Rehab and Spine is proud to have Dr. Beach on staff. His years of service and experience working with athletes contributes to Dynamic Rehab and Spines’ mission to provide best practices of care for athletes of all calibers. Dr. Beach brings his additional expertise in Acupressure and Clinical Nutrition to our patients providing an overall wellness approach to functional healthcare.

Pawling High school football NY

Pro body builders

Pro power lifters

Ground Zero NYC Volunteer for the Bucket Brigade

Fredericksburg Generals semipro Soccer team

Chiropractor to the Stars at Celebrate Virginia Live, concert series

Certified in Acupressure

Clinical Nutritionist

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