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Patient Testimonials

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Darren Taylor
03/05/2018 01:03:07 pm

BEST PT Clinic in Virginia

Best physical therapy and chiropractic office in Virginia. Dr Erle keeps me competing in power lifting into my 40s.
Lynda Baer
02/01/2018 05:02:05 pm

Consistent Great Care!

What I appreciate the most is that Dr. Erle respects my efforts for physical activity, considers me an athlete and alleviates every ache and pain with his care and gives me reasonable stretches and exercises. I am 62!
Cindy Kyle Meade
03/10/2017 12:03:06 pm

Magic Men

0 - 3 miles after back to back tennis days- with ZERO pain- in just 3 wks.... #MAGIC MEN #Dr.Erle #MikethePTguy #FredericksburgVa #Accomplishinggoalsonedayatatime!
Daniel  Barnes
02/17/2017 04:02:45 pm

Calling All Virginia Mutiny Football Players

To all my newcomers and even old heads on the squad....take advantage of the blessing we have with Doc Steve Erle and Dynamic is a service to help take care of our bodies and get answers for any nagging injuries. This is the best thing I've had the opportunity to be apart of since COLLEGE...I can't lie I went to doc today and just told him I'm beat's my issues and he was able to help me understand what my injuries were and how I could get myself back to 100%...stop being stupid / naive.. You will get hurt at some time..take care of it early before it become a major issue. Because if you didn't know...OUR SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!
Lori Lindblad
09/15/2016 05:09:27 pm


Dr. Erle is a very skillful and knowledgeable practicioner who has provided me with exceptional chiropractic care.

Expect to receive only quality care from Dr. Erle and his staff.
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